Borderline dating

If you find yourself attracted to someone with borderline personality disorder or discover that the person you have been dating suffers from it, here are a few things you can do.

Educate yourself The first thing to do while dating someone with borderline personality disorder is to find out all you can about the condition.

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Nobody knows how many people have it exactly, but the one thing that any Pick Up Artist site will tell you is that there are a massive amount of Cluster B women, or flakey chicks as they are known, on the dating scene. Flakey chick is actually a polite name for the fucking devil incarnate that will destroy you if you give her even the slightest in.

The heart is neither wise nor cautious and easily leads the unwary down the garden path that may end in the weed patch.

So it is not easy having a personality disorder, and I hope you can see why these behaviours can stop you from dating. We all have issues that we need to work continuously on.When you’re at your most vulnerable, take yourself out the dating scene if you need to. Mine seemed almost perfect, until the mood swings started, the silent treatment, the flat out abuse.I tried for two months to get back to the dream stage, but it just wouldn’t happen. Even then there was only so much crap I would take.Having BPD doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to be in a loving and committed relationship.You can have that relationship it will just take a lot of work and commitment on your part by recognising triggers and putting yourself in other people’s shoes.