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Ahead of the nominations, on his recent visit to London, I asked Tarantino how he feels about the fact that a full 15 years have elapsed since he won his first screenplay Oscar for Pulp Fiction.

See more » If you want to have a real sense of the concert and the mass of young people who attended, as a crowd, by all means check out "Woodstock" from 1970.How Lee managed to film this recreation without using real footage, I have no idea. There in a number of shots is the hillside, mud and slop, with the stage below.The few food stands and portable johns at the top of the hill.This week, the film picked up a phenomenal eight Oscar nominations – including best picture, best director and best original screenplay – only one shy of frontrunners Avatar and The Hurt Locker.If the two favourites split the vote, Tarantino might, just might, sneak through the middle and make off with the silverware.