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My guess is that cuddly, curvy, and curvaceous will be among the most common words used, but I refuse to go and check in case I come over all excited! Offense is in the mind of the subject, and may take intent of the speaker into account.

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Not redeemable with giftcard or e Giftcard purchases. Not redeemable with giftcard or e Giftcard purchases. I said to a person that she is "chubby" and, apparently, she took it very seriously.What I meant to say is that she's not skin and bones, she carried more pounds than needed but, precisely because of that, she should be actually more sweet , loving , thoughtful , and romantic , i want pure love and man will accept me for what i am , not for who i am , i dont want man use me.only to feed his fantasy , i need more love , time and attention , im here hoping to find the real man have pure love ,, to start a new life with the man who can give me ,....., god bless to all who read and visit my profile loving , sweet , romantic .