Roy chiu and rainie yang dating

One thing, that is 100% confirmed – Xiao Gui was her very first boyfriend.They dated while attending Hua Gang High School of Performing Arts.They are probably dating since 2013, but Rainie confirmed just couple months ago, that Prince really is her boyfriend. In one interview, Rainie Yang talked very high about Prince.According to her, he’s This Taiwanese singer was connected to many attractive men and it’s hard to distinguish real relationships between all those rumors.

In response, an outraged netizen claiming to be Tiffany’s assistant posted a private photograph of the two and scolded Roy for spreading lies, causing both Roy and his manager to publicly confirm that the relationship had come to an end.Earlier this month, Taiwanese actress/model Tia Li (李毓芬) was spotted visiting Roy on the set of his upcoming drama Wine Beauty , leading many to believe that the two are now in a relationship.At a recent promotional event in Taiwan, Roy denied this allegation but did confirm that he was single and added that he and Tiffany had not seen each other in seven months.The cast and crew celebrated his 30th birthday on set this week, and the media went atwitter with the very public displays of affection between Roy and his costar Alice Ke.It’s all for show, of course, with the OG leads really knowing how to keep the interest level high for their drama.